Public Speaking

Mandy is a well-known spokesperson on family, relationships and addiction. Passionate about early intervention, Mandy prioritises the family, explaining how to foster communication that is motivated by dignity and self-respect. Using anecdotes and real life examples, interspersed with clinical experience, Mandy’s talks are engaging, highly informative and give specific tools to the audience, leaving them well-resourced, and with a fresh perspective. To discuss booking Mandy Saligari, please contact  Jadeen at John Noel Management


Mandy is also committed to regular talks at schools,  and is highly respected within educational establishments, with both teachers, and parents, for her accessible, informative and humorous approach. Topics she covers  include drugs, the nature of addiction, and the wider issues around self esteem and emotional coping mechanisms. To discuss booking Mandy for a school talk please contact The McLellan Practice

Mandy is currently booked to talk at the following schools:

19/1 – South Hampstead High School (Talk to Parents)
28/1 – Downe House School, Thatcham, Berks (Year 10 & Parents)
31/1 – Westminster School, London (Parents Association)
10/2 – Queen’s College London, Harley Street
28/2 – Notre Dame School, Cobham, Surrey  (Heads of Girls School Association)
8/3 –   Stowe School (Talk to Year 13)
9/3 –   Stowe School (Talk to Parents)
17/3 – Kingswood School, Bath (Talk to Year 12)
20/3 – March Cherwell School
20/4 – Downe House School Thatcham, Berks (Sixth form)
21/4 – Queenswood School (Year 12)
27/4 – Dulwich College (Parents)
3/7 –  Papplewick School (Parents and Boys)